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How to Install Interactive Whiteboard

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In modern society, interactive whiteboard has been widely used in education, especially lcd interactive whiteboard. Correct installation is essential to ensure that the board is safe and to facilitate correct usage. A good whiteboard company will be able to advise you on many aspects of installation, but the following steps you should pay attention.


Firstly, the first step of interactive whiteboard installation is carrying out a simple site survey form to provide us with the information required to accurately price the work. If we feel it is necessary, we will send an engineer to carry out a full survey, but there may be a fee. As we know a whiteboard is a piece of electronic equipment and they might release some risks. These things-trailing leads, faulty electrical sockets or poorly mounted boards projectors could all pose potential risks to the users.

 How to Install Interactive Whiteboard

Secondly, the step of interactive whiteboard installation is choosing the best hardware solutions for your situation. The company will send you a quote to supply your chosen hardware including the total cost of the installation work. Deciding which classroom will be home to the new interactive display is very important. In research, teachers have told us that they make most progress once they use a board full-time. This may create difficult decisions in school but in the long-term, it may be a more successful strategy.


Thirdly, the step of interactive whiteboard installation is arranging a date for our qualified engineers to install the hardware products according to the specifications in the quotation which is convenient to you. The board should be located as centrally as possible, with space around the board for the teacher and pupils to move. You have to remember that items such as chairs, tables, bookshelves and other storage units should not be kept away from the board. In primary schools, a carpeted area for sitting in front of the board can be useful. In secondary schools, pupils should be able to turn their chairs to see the board easily.

 How to Install Interactive Whiteboard

After you finished all the steps of interactive whiteboard installation, you need to complete a customer satisfaction survey so that the company can continuously monitor and improve the quality of our service. If you have any problem, you can contact the company to send you a professional serviceman to help you solve the problem. All in all, this is the ways of interactive whiteboard installation. You can have a try after reading it.

How to Install Interactive Whiteboard
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How to Install Interactive Whiteboard
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How to Install Interactive Whiteboard
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