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How to choose the LCD advertising machine cost-effective?

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Shanghai Xianshi Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") is a leading Chinese liquid crystal display products business production and solution provider. Has always been "the world's largest outdoor video advertisers Focus Media's largest equipment suppliers," Focus Media "building the world's largest" digital signage network.

How to choose the LCD advertising machine cost-effective?

2011 is also launched the world's first large-scale interactive advertising display --Q card display, publicity in the new platform set video release, static images, RFID card reader, 3G transmission, mobile interaction as a whole. Ushered in a new era of interactive advertising! By the end of 2013 in singapore's online business display more than 200000 products, products throughout singapore more than 500 cities. The company was founded in 2005, has always been committed to the liquid crystal display products business R & D, manufacturing and promotion. Adhering to the "trustworthy" belief, the reliable products and a variety of application to various industries.

Xianshi electronics has formed a "digital signage", "monitoring the monitor display", "multimedia touch", "the self-service terminal" four series of products, and will continue to be in "medical display" and "elevator IOT display" and "Wulian intelligent terminal" and other areas of development. Products include: LCD advertising machine, LCD digital posters, LCD monitor, DID large screen liquid crystal splicing wall, LCD touch interactive integrated machine, self-service terminal etc.. Of which: LCD advertising machine market share for 8 consecutive years ranked first. LCD touch interactive integrated machine has been widely applied in each big city high school and university. Independent development of DID large screen liquid crystal splicing wall series products and liquid crystal monitor products, widely used in public security, transportation, coal and other industries.

Xianshi electronics products are developed, there are two R & D base in Shanghai, Nanjing, a total of more than 100 hardware and software and the shape structure of developers, has two patents, 40 patents for utility model and appearance of the patent, 10 a number of software copyright. For 8 consecutive years for the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Shanghai little giant enterprises to cultivate unit.

Xianshi electronics has 46000 square production base in Zhejiang Jiashan, the construction of a shell from the manufacturing, spraying, assembling finished products a full range of production systems. Not only can meet the needs of large scale production of customers, can also be customized to meet the flexible production. Have the ability to provide integrated solutions, one-stop service for customers.

The company not only provides a variety of commercial display products terminal, at the same time provide a comprehensive solution of commercial display, the independent development of the information release system, has been used more than 100 digital media and institutions, the largest information network has 55000 terminals at the same time online. "Lift the Internet of things" monitoring system with information release and alarm technology, business interests and public interest of organic combination. Has been widely used in Fujian province. Is currently the only large-scale network of National Elevator complex network system. "Monitoring terminal room" software takes full advantage of the software function of the switching signal, greatly reduces the one-time equipment investment clients.

Xianshi comprehensive cooperation electronics in the after-sales service and Haier's "run heart service" service network across 1200 cities of the country, to meet customer needs 7*24 hours of use. The sustained development of Xianshi electronics, for three consecutive years was named "the ten recommended brand security products". The company has been fully through national authoritative organization ISO9001:2008 quality system and ISO14001:2004 environment system certification, RoHS testing, the European CE certification, UL certification and 3C.

How to choose the LCD advertising machine cost-effective?
No.1 market share position
in digital signage for 8 years
How to choose the LCD advertising machine cost-effective?
Biggest supplier
of Focus Media
How to choose the LCD advertising machine cost-effective?
46000 square meters
manufacturing plant