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A Brief Introduction of LCD

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LCD is useful and it is more and more popular in our country. A lot of people want to know what LCD is. This article will tell you something about LCD and I am sure you will enjoy it.


What is LCD? Liquid Crystal Display is an amazing invention of modern display technology. The main constitution of this type of display are two glass substrates, one installed a TFT(Thin Film Transistor) while another installed a CF(Color Filter), and a LC cell between them. The requirement of display can be met by changing the voltage and signal of TFT, controlling the orientation of each LC molecular, and determining whether polarized light to shoot out.


What is LCD? This question gets more and more popular since LCD has become the most popular display device for its great property and low price, and been applied in almost every field in our daily life which needs a display to convey information. So what is LCD? In one way, LCD can be separated into two main types with different back photo-source. The two types are LED, which means Light Emitting Diode and CCFL, namely LCD with Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, which contains the Diode and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp back photo-source respectively. CCFL has a more performance in color while LED has the advantage in low power consumption.


LCD can be categorized into PMOLCD(Passive Matrix OLCD) and AMOLCD(Active Matrix OLCD) in another way. AMOLCD is of more widely using nowadays, known as TFT-LCD as well, for its amazing properties in brightness, colour output and wider display area. The reason why this type of LCD has those advantages is that it has one transistor in every single elementary area on the display. In another hand, despite of those drawbacks-display area, reaction speed, and image quality and so on, PMOLCD is popular to some extent because of its low cost. It can be used into fields that needn't a high quality of display performance.

 A Brief Introduction of LCD


After reading words above, I think that you may know something about what LCD is. I will talk about some advantages of LCD.LCD has quite a lot of advantages. First of all, the display can be manufactured in a very tiny size and being light, which meets the demand of a slighter and more compact device. In addition, LCD costs less power and it is a real environmental friendly display compared with those traditional ones consuming much more power, and at the same time, the operation of the display would emit less heat. Moreover, the display is less likely to be distorted during use. There are much more advantages to and we cannot list them all.


LCD at this time is applied into various fields. Displays are on smart phones, TV sets, computer monitors and many other devices with a high resolution display. For example, multi touch display technology was developed over 30 years ago and has been put into practice in smart phone and tablet display within a decade. Multi-touch display means that the presence of more than one points contact can be recognized by the surface of the display. People can use two or more fingers to control the devices and that offers more possibilities in the reactions of those devices. We can zoom in or zoom out pictures with different gestures we performed on the display. This type of display has a great influence in our life. You can't imagine how if we don't have a LCD display on our cell phone and multi-touch display is in considerable practical application in the recent years.

 A Brief Introduction of LCD

A Brief Introduction of LCD
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A Brief Introduction of LCD
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A Brief Introduction of LCD
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