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A Brief Introduction about Portable Monitor

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In modern society, there are not so many portable monitors on the market. The most common used portable monitor is head-mounted monitor (HMD). We will have a brief learning about it.

A Brief Introduction about Portable Monitor 

What is portable monitor? It was researched by the German Institute for optical microsystems. Its shape like a pair of glasses, but it shows images by receiving instruction from people eyes' activities. All the mystery is inside the chip on monitor, so you can read the various data directly on the glasses.


How does portable monitor work as one kind of multi touch monitor? Actually it works through a set of optical systems, mainly precision optical lens ultrastructure, to enlarged image on the panel. It projects the image on the retina and then presents to the eye of the beholder. In another words, you can take a magnifying glass to see the enlarged virtual object image.


What functions does portable monitor have? The most advantaged function is gaze tracking feature. Compared to the previous system, it greatly enhanced interactive monitors, which as was a major breakthrough. You can command an order by winking your eyes without using your hands. For example, you look when to the right, it means flip and with eyes down, the computer will automatically cut file.

 A Brief Introduction about Portable Monitor

Where does portable monitor applied? Portable monitor is widely used in the medical profession and industry profession. It allows engineers to see architectural drawing. Maintenance personnel will be able to see the installation guide. Doctors at the time of surgery can see the patient's major organs, MRI, X-ray scans.


Firstly, the curriculum, as the lcd video wall connection to the e territory, gives the child a fully enclosed learning environment. Then it can children improve child academic performance. What's more, you can connect it to the PSP then you can clearly see the various items on the ground of games and makes the game more interesting and realistic. Worldwide, the major manufacturers are competing to develop a virtual reality game. Video glasses are very important integral parts of virtual reality games: they let you in "sealed" environment, but experience "immersive" feeling. Last but not least, with the development of technology, a collection of entertainment, communications and game in one handheld entertainment devices will be the direction of future development. The emergence of video glasses is the best way to break this bottleneck. It allows you to play anything on your handheld terminal in the car on the road.


Nowadays, the portable monitor not wildly used by people in the street. We hope scientists will develop more portable monitor to enrich our lives.

A Brief Introduction about Portable Monitor
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A Brief Introduction about Portable Monitor
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A Brief Introduction about Portable Monitor
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